Know your Family History

Understanding the warning signs in your family's medical history can help you prevent hereditary health problems before they occur. Your physician or a genetic counselor will examine your family tree for evidence of genetic conditions and advise you of your options for screening and diagnosis.

Our Family History questionnaire will help you list out your family medical history. Our doctors will interpret your family history findings and help you determine any risks and list out preventive measures for them.

It's important to know where your ancestors came from because some genetic disorders occur more frequently in one ethnic group than in others: Tay-Sachs is more common among Ashkenazi Jews and French Canadians, Sickle Cell among African Americans, and Beta-Thalassemia among Greeks and Italians, to name just a few.

Try to trace your ethnic heritage on both your mother's and your father's side of the family, and note in particular whether your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents come from a higher-risk ethnic group.

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